steely library coffee shop

Like many students this sememster, I have been very impressed with the new Jazzman coffee bar inside the lobby of Steely Library. Better than the coffee and food, however, I have been more than pleased by the employees. They always greet me with a smile, inquire about my name, and a few of them even know me by name. To be specific, 3 very kind young employees, Lisa Christy, and a very friendly and cheerful blond woman who works in the morning have turned my day from a nightmare into a blessing on more than one occasion. I would like to praise the individual who had the inspired wisdom to hire these wonderful people. I realize that dealing with seemingly endless long lines of students and uncomfortable tempertures from the hot steam of the espresso machines and a most probably low wage could be a major drain on the morale of any employee, but these terrific individuals never cease to lose their enthusiam for meeting and conversing with new people while going about their business in a quick and efficient manner. It is for this reason that I would like to request to whomever it concerns that a tip jar be available at the counter so that extremely satisfied customers like myself can express our gratitude for such fine workmanship. So to whomever it concerns, I would like you to know that these individuals work hard, demanding jobs and I believe they deserve to be rewarded for their tireless effort. So please consider allowing them to keep a tip jar on their counter. Thank you for your consideration. Nathan Webster English/Philosophy