Enrollment deadline extended for returning Iraq war vets

Veterans returning from the war in Iraq may have a difficult time readjusting to civilian life. Northern Kentucky University officials have altered enrollment policies in an effort to make at least one facet of that transition a smooth one.

The university will extend the deadline for class registration for students returning from active duty from the war in Iraq. The last day to officially register for classes is August 30, but veterans will be exempt from that rule.

“In an effort to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made by NKU students who served in the nation’s armed forces during the war in Iraq, it is appropriate that the University work to make their transition back to the classroom as smooth as possible,” said Dr. Jerry Warren, Interim Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost, said in an August memo addressed to university officials.

Department heads will work with returning reservists (or recently discharged active duty soldiers), who submit proof of their military service, to register for classes after the deadline. The student may be placed in classes that are full unless the professor or department chair determines he or she would be too far behind to catch up.

“As a reservist, I’m very sensitive to this kind of thing,” Dr. Warner said. “I know the situation they are in and we wanted to be proactive and recognize the service these students have performed for the country.”