Press Release


To celebrate the 83rd anniversary of women’s right to vote on August 26th, a statewide campaign to increase the number of registered voters is being organized in Kentucky.

County court clerks are being asked to display a voting machine in their counties and to hand out voter registration cards on August 26th and throughout that week. Presently, 20 county court clerks have agreed to participate in this statewide project and the organizers are asking for every county to get involved. Some locally owned grocery stores as well as a few Wal-Marts have agreed to let the voting booths be displayed in their establishments.

Organizers are asking women’s groups to volunteer to distribute registration cards and work with their county clerk during this week.

For more information contact Paula Harrington with Concerned Citizens of Kentucky via e-mail or 270-395-7110 or Diane Brumback, President of Kentucky Women in Action, via email or 859-581-4912.