Dialing Down Costs Connect Students with Vonage DigitalVoice

Dear Editors, It’s getting closer to ‘that time of year’ when students, educators and parents prepare for the Fall Semester. Now Vonage (http://www.vonage.com) connects students to their friends and family with an opportunity to save instead of pay exorbitant phone bills throughout the school year. * BYOB – “Bring Your Own Box” Students pack Vonage to make calling away from home easier on their parent’s pockets and convenient for traveling to and from home. * Choose among a variety of calling plans or pick your own area code to call friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends long distance and for the cost of a local call. * No more head-splitting phone bills amongst roommates, Vonage allows you to make unlimited nationwide calls for a low monthly flat rate, starting at $25.99 Link to Vonage at: (http://www.vonage.com) and allow your readers to grab their box and go! Or check out Vonage’s free Refer-A-Friend program and become eligible for an instant $40 credit on your existing or upcoming Vonage account when you Refer-A-friend! After you’ve connected your visitors, please contact me if you are interested in evaluating the product or would like further assistance on any of these topics. About Vonage DigitalVoice — Vonage, launched about a year ago and since has been a tremendous success. Vonage has attracted over 40,000 subscribers that have placed 40,000 million calls over their ISP network. Vonage customers receive e-mail notification when voicemail is left, can listen to their voice mail over the Web and manage accounts online real-time. Also of interest to hardware and telecom hobbyists, Vonage provides a free Linux-powered Cisco ATA 186 with service. Set up can take as little as 10 minutes, and there’s no contract. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Katherine Foster On Behalf of Vonage katherine@connors.com Direct: 212.798.1409 www.vonage.com