news idea?

Do you accept story ideas? Would I need to write the article myself? I’m a local 17 year old recording studio owner and artist with innovative ideas that will change the music industry forever. My goal is to distribute music with existing technology and reduce the costs of recording so that all music will be more affordable and readily available! It’s all possible, and the foundation has already been laid. Apple’s new iTunes Music Store allows songs to be bought for $.99 each and downloaded to your computer. We already have portable and car mp3 players, cells phones that can transmit data, and XM satellite radio. How long before an actual media need not exist? Trade magazines forecast the need to manufacture, store, and ship music will fade away during the next decade. Music will be purchased on demand, much like pay per view tv; the files will be downloaded to whatever device you chose by satellite. However, this sort of change is going to need a new artist and a new image to sell the idea to the public. I’m hell bent on becomming that artist! I center on acoustic based rock much like James Taylor, Dave Matthews, and the Goo Goo Dolls. You can find out more information and hear all of my free music at .

Enjoy the Day, Jacob Farron