Hello Editor,

Are you and your community “Well” prepared for disaster?

The millions of people who suffer disasters each year such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire and flood usually carry insurance, but they generally have no idea what they have coming, even after asking around. Just what are their claim rights, and how do they conceive their damage claims or partake in the process?

Nearly everyone has been left out of the loop, partly because it’s to the insurers’ benefit to leave us out, and partly because most of us would rather hope for the best than prepare for the worst.

If you would like to share in better preparedness, I will be happy to send you a free copy of “How to get What You Deserve,” insurance claim rights. Please visit


Tony Braga P. O. Box 33 Montgomery, PA 17752 570-547-1332 —————————————— “. . .Access to information is imperative in our society, especially to information pertaining to individual rights. This includes information regarding insurance claims. Technology today permits the dispersal of information at a moment’s notice, especially with the Internet. I believe people should, at the minimum, have access to information like insurance claims rights over the internet. . .Thank you again. . .regarding the dispersal of this information.”

–James P. McGovern Member of U.S. Congress