An Article about the U.S current Foreign Policy

Contemporary Issue about the U.S Foreign Policy

Countries, governments and people cherished the fall of saddam’s regime in Iraq. It is no doubt that everyone wanted the Iraqis to obtain their freedom.still, many governments and many people from all around the world have objected this war and protested against the American policy and the military intervention in Iraq.

It is rather true that many Arabs and Muslims despise Americans and think of them as arrogant and just a bunch of “criminals” who are trying to dominate the world with the help of their traditional alley: Isrealis.Are Muslims and Arabs right to think like this about Americans and Isrealis? Does the usa.have the right to overthrow any regime or any government not on its side, or not cooperating? Is it true that Arabs need to be guided and controlled by an alien government such as the U.S.A.?Is the rumor true about the west launching a crusade against Islam?. Is it true that the whole thing is due to the luck of tolerance and understanding and respect for each other? Obviously, these are problematic questions that might stir many different answers and multiple doubts about the nature of the real solution.

Now that the Iraqis regime is gone once for all, and the American troops triumphed, Iraq is left in a big mess. We just can not ignore the media reporting what is happening there as well as the official reports about the chaos.” The Iraqi Freedom” has brought another crisis to Iraqis: who is going to rule? Are we going to have a new dictator?. Is the country going to split?. Is a civil war something likely to happen?. For sure, even high-ranked generals and top officials would deny any of these doubts. But at least, the fear of another war is still there only this time it is going to be different. The crisis is omnipresent, and Iraqis are victimized all the way long. When Saddam was there, he kept Iraq united (both Sunnites and Shiites lived together), and the Kurds had their own autonomy under the Iraqi sovereignty. So will the new leader leaders of Iraq make a radical change?. Will they keep Iraq united? If yes! Who is going to be the new leader: an Iraqi official or a shadow government officials?, will the new president or the new administration in the new Iraq have any credibility and represent the Iraqis?. I leave these questions to time to be answered.

No one can deny what atrocities happened to U.S. civilians in September 11.America was built by pioneers who fled prosecutions and injustice in Europe and in many parts of the world. They believed in freedom and the pursuit of happiness. it is a young prosperous nation that led itself victoriously throughout many crisis.Therefore;the American administration-throughout the years-tried to establish a new world order, and it partially succeeded. But the question here is: At what price?. The U.S. foreign policy has been described as a short-sighted one that does not long that much and does not go that far. To what extent is this true?. They failed in Vietnam and in Somalia. Out of their own will, they intervened but it finished in a bloody stream and wounds that would never heal.

Accordingly, any criticism should require close attention to details and knowledge of the backgrounds of the American policy. After the fall of communism, America is the only standing power in the world. The end of the cold power has put the United States on top. It tries to establish peace through diplomatic channels and sometimes through war. Anyway, not everybody believes that the U.S.A. should be the policeman of the world. Even some traditional allies of America think that the U.S.A is overreacting towards other countries and other regimes specially after the tragedy of 9/11.They agree to fight terrorism but not to fight other regimes believed to possess weapons of mass-destruction and provide shelter for potential terrorists. Again these issues are closely tied up and entail many other issues.

It will require a Saint or a prophet to make any plausible statements or remarks. This is to say that nobody knows what to believe nowadays in this world. Who can we trust? This is the big enigma!. Was the American help to the Iraqis just a subterfuge and a means to get hold of the oil? Or was it just because the Americans believe in the values freedom? Are the Iraqis grateful to the Americans for having saved them from an obscure future? Will other regimes feel safe? .


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