Local music Show

Hello. This is Scott Weber, Co-Owner and Artist on Sonicterror Recordings. Sonicterror and Datawaslost are hosting a show @ Plush on Tuesday May 20th, 2003.

I would like to get some promo/press out to the people of Cincinnati through your media outlet.

Here is the Info for the Show:

Artists Performing:

1. Dat Politics

(from France) is the headliner of the show, they are on their first United States tour They have releases out on A-musik, Tigerbeat 6, Skipp, and with Chicks on Speed.

Dat Politics has performed with:

Matmos / Kid 606 / Aphex Twin / Chicks on Speed Gold Chains / Plaid / Phoenicia / Oval / Pole Pansonic / Merzbow / Mouse On Mars

****Press Releases with more info are attached in this e-mail

2. Fudgie and FuFu

“Local Musicians David Enright and Aaron Willis make up Fudgie and FuFu. They have a musical style, which is a raw conglomeration of electronic and sampling madness. Fans especially, Ween, will revel in the band’s lo-fi stylings, which are alternately absurd, melodic, clever, annoying, adolescent and laugh-out-loud comical.” – mike breen city beat check out http://www.fudgieandfufu.com for more info

3. Machine Girl

Scott Weber (Line 47) and Lynn Standafer (Enduser) are the owners of Sonicterror Recordings, a local experimental electronic label in Cincinnati make up the duo know as machine Girl. Machine Girl is a collaboration of fast breaks, hardcore beats, and experimental noise. Machine Girl brings the sounds of old school gabber, and dance culture and demolishes it on stage in a pulverizing performance. Check out www.sonicterror.net for more info

Time: 9pm

Where: Plush 828 Main St. Cincinnati, OH

If you need any more information please let me know


Scott Weber SonicControl@Sonicterror.net www.sonicterror.net