Letter to the Editor

The last edition of the 03 Northerner included a full page of fashion. We read about striped shorts and how sunglasses could hide tired eyes. The main thoughts on student’s minds were summer jobs, dance team tryouts and music. The polls included talk of tuition prices, suicide, department scandal and the desire for comics. The letters to the editor were about the Laci Peterson murder. What we didn’t hear about was an event right here in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. It was a gathering and march from Sawyer Point across the Taylor Southgate Bridge to the Liberty Bell with the purpose to raise awareness of violence against women and children. This is an annual event called Take Back The Night is sponsored in part by NKU Social Work among 18 other groups, and has been held for the last 13 years. There were about 200 people present. I saw no noticeable presence from NKU, however, there were several bus loads of students from XU wearing yellow t-shirts for the event. I personally left a message on the answering machine of the Northerner at 7:30 am on April 24, listing the event, time, place, my name as a student with phone number, and a strong suggestion of media coverage from NKU. I explained that NKU offered a course from the Women’s Studies Department for participating in a 40 hour training course at the Women’s Crisis Center in Covington. I have taken this course and am a volunteer committed to 24 hrs per month for the center. I am appalled at how the newspaper failed to note this important event, yet gave