In response to “Investigation contradicts laws”:

Since the beginning of time, human beings have always been more concerned with the “quality” of life as opposed to mere existence and I’m really glad we do. I believe people should have the right to take a loved one off life support. I believe terminally ill people should have the right to take their own life to avoid the agony of an illness that’s going to take their life anyway. I believe someone has the right to take the life of another when they believe that not doing so will mean they will lose their own life or the can prevent the death of someone else. I believe sometimes war and the killing of enemy soldiers and unfortunately innocents is necessary. I believe that most women who decide to end the life of an unborn child do so because they believe it’s the best thing they can do for everyone involved including the unborn child.

I don’t believe anti-abortionist really care about life or children. Thousand of children who have been born are killed every day and anti-abortionist don’t seem to care. The horrible image of a dissected fetuses does not compare to the heart-wrenching photos I’ve seen of children who’ve been malnourished and starved, or who are covered in cigarette burns, bruises, etc… I know that the number of surgical abortions is far greater than the numbers for abused or mistreated children, but for me the suffering is so much greater and so much more horrifying. I just can’t understand why someone who claims to care so much about life seems to have no problem ignoring the living.

Webster defines “murder” as the “unlawful” taking of a human life. Ergo, abortion is not murder, even if you believe it’s against God’s laws, it’s still an ignorant use of the word. If the killing of an embryo or fetus was “unlawful”, women would lose the right to live their own lives. The number of causes for “natural” abortions is astonishingly long. It’s not unthinkable that if any and all “abortions” were illegal then the pregnant woman that plays baseball against her partners wishes, gets hurt and loses the baby, and the man has her arrested for “murder”. That may sound far fetched on the surface, but think about how litigious our society is now and just imagine the possibilities. We’d have to establish an entirely new court system to handle all the lawsuits and criminal charges.

The only practical way I can foresee an end to surgical abortions is for those who oppose it to start urging our government, medical community and society for what would really work. Support more research for effective birth control and better sex education for our children. Most importantly showing real concern for life by asserting that women who give up their children to be raised by other are heroes not whores and working to provide every child a safe, healthy, and caring life.

Cynthia Valletta