Comments on parking changes

I wanted to add another suggestion to the article appearing in the April 30 issue of the Northerner concerning parking. What about reopening or changing current faculty parking to be accessible to students as well as not distinguishing between residential parking and communter parking? I have been a student at NKU since the fall of 1998 (obtaining a bachelor’s degree from here as well as anticipating starting my master’s in the fall). I was surprised last fall to see that a parking lot that had been student designated up until that year (Lot E between Landrum and Norse Commons) had newly been reclassified as a staff lot. However, in recent weeks I have walked by that lot, as well as the faculty lots across from Nunn Hall and the old science building on the other side of campus, in late morning (a peak time for students to be attending classes) and noticed a good number of empty spaces. I believe that if one of these lots in its entirety or part of both lots was classified as student or open parking, this would ease a shortage of convienient student parking as much as opening all student lots to both residents and communters. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Angel Parrett