Zelda, Golden Sun-2 great new games

It’s not very often that a game captures the imagination of several generations. But the Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo has done just that. The newest addition to the series, “The Wind Waker,” is no exception to this. Although it looks different, it is still your classic Zelda adventure. I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the new look, and I’ll also be the first one to say I am impressed. The new look is a cartoon style of art called cell shading, which looks like someone took a crayon and went to town on the game. This game has everything that you could want from a Zelda adventure. There is plenty of action as well as puzzles, enemies and larger than life bosses. And there is, of course, our hero Link and the Princess Zelda. “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” receives a final score of 10/10. This is an action packed game, and a must-have addition to everyone’s Zelda collection.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

RPG fans rejoice! You can now get you RPG action on the go with Golden Sun: The Lost Age. This game has all the things you need in an RPG. It has memorable characters, or at least, characters you get attached to. It also has the most needed thing in these types of games, a great story. The graphics may not be what the modern audience is used to, but they are suitable for the format it is on. Golden Sun: The Lost Age receives a final score of 10/10. Great characters, gameplay and story make this game a must have. And what’s better than having your RPG’s on the go?