Investigation contradicts laws

I recently read a breaking story about the arrest of Scott Peterson, the California man charged with the double murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, and her unborn baby.

Yes, it is being called a double murder, as it is almost always the case when a mother and her unborn child’s lives are taken.

So why is it when a child is maliciously murdered while in the womb, it is considered murder, but when a mother chooses to end the life of the fetus it is labeled as abortion? Is it because the child is not considered to be alive while in the womb by pro-choice supporters?

This makes no sense to me. It has to be one or the other.

My Merriam-Webster dictionary says the definition of murder is “the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.”

Do you or do you not have to be alive to be killed? If the fetus is not alive, how is this malevolent crime possible?

It is possible. And this legal crime is committed every day against thousands of living, breathing babies with beating hearts.

Maybe not all these murders are committed with “malice aforethought,” but certainly they are committed with self-centeredness and cold-heartedness. Abortion is legal as defined by Roe v. Wade. And cigarettes are legal too, but that doesn’t make it right to smoke.

Society cannot contradict itself in this way. We cannot say the one is murder and the other is not.

It’s stupid to think that just because a baby may be unwanted makes it any less alive.

Since Peterson has been charged with a double murder, the National Organization of Women (NOW) has spoken out against the double murder.

The organization thinks, in calling the act a double murder, it will help the cause of pro-life activists.

Well, it will. But us pro-lifers already knew that it was a murder. I ask again, how is it that Laci Peterson’s baby is dead?

To say something that was not alive in the first place is now dead is as ridiculous as saying a piece of plastic is dead.

Babies in the womb have a heartbeat. They move. They breathe. They process nutrients. They grow. Ask a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and he/she will verify these things.

When that baby was murdered, he ceased to breathe. His heartbeat stopped. His tiny, defenseless body was found without a heartbeat.

He was not breathing. And his body was found just as dead as the thousands of babies that are aborted every day.

I think saying a baby is not alive until it is born is a cop-out.

It is only a way to take relieve some guilt and make the mother care less about what she is about to do – kill someone.