Students, staff enjoy the springtime atmosphere

Similar to the hibernation habits of bears and turtles, each spring NKU students and faculty are finally able to leave their concrete caves and enjoy the sun.

Noah Meeks, a Chemistry/Pre-Engineering major, stood outside of the University Center with a group campaigning for several SGA candidates, including himself.

Wearing a blue Pace/Fegan t-shirt and khaki shorts, Meeks said that he would have been outside rain or shine, but that it was “much easier to hang out” on such a beautiful day.

Feet away from the campaigners, members of Phi Sigma Sigma conducted an annual rocking chair charity event.

A group of students grilled out at the Baptist Student Union for the weekly dollar lunch program.

And the typically quiet residential area near the Kentucky and Commonwealth Dorms blared music and held its own cook out as part of the new dormitory “peep show.”

Groundskeepers, happy to have shed their winter duds, were out and about picking up trash that had been caught in the wind and tossed onto the hill near the Fine Arts building.

Kim Yelton, NKU groundskeeper, said she was more than happy to be back in business. “After the winter we had, I’m happy to be out here,” she said.

Despite all of the commotion on campus, some students managed to get away from all the noise and study near the library or eat lunch by the first floor of the University Center. Others relaxed on the lawn in front of Chase or hid underneath the walkway by Landrum.

Joey Weitz, a senior Anthropology student said, “you have to enjoy the weather, it’ll be hot as hell in three weeks,” poking fun at Greater Cincinnati’s unpredictable weather.

Weitz said he wore a winter knit cap until last week when it simply got too hot to wear any longer.

Alexa Dublikar, a senior Criminal Justice major, enjoyed Wednesday’s cloudless sky and high 70s temperature. “You don’t mind parking far away,” she said.

“People are nicer,” said Kat Lauer, noticing a change in attitudes across campus.

Not all good things come back with spring, however.

Weitz wasn’t looking forward to dealing with sweaty armpits, but NKU’s other inhabitants were greatly looked down upon.

“The ducks are back,” said Lauer.

Dublikar agreed, “I don’t look forward to the duck poop.”