‘High Heat’ lights fire to other baseball games

In past years, the “High Heat” series has taken a backseat to its competitors in the race for the most popular baseball video game.

However, with this year’s edition, there is no reason this game should be surpassed by any other.

“High Heat Baseball 2004” is far and away the most in-depth baseball game on the market.

It has everything a real baseball game has, including a complete minor league system for every team, a rookie draft while in the franchise mode and players can even be ejected after arguing with the empire.

After playing the game, a summary provides the names of the empires, the attendance for the game and a complete statistical breakdown for the game just played.

“High Heat” also includes many other features putting it above other games on the market.

It features 11 different game modes including: home run derby, franchise mode, two-on-two showdown and batting practice.

No matter how good the game is, there are always some faults.

In “High Heat” one major complaint is that the pitches come into the plate very slowly.

This happens no matter what level you are playing and whose pitching.

However, this doesn’t really effect how easy it is to hit the ball and score runs.

Another negative about the game is the little noise from the crowd. The volume doesn’t go up or down as the game wears on.

It stays at a constant except for the occasional vendor or heckler in the crowd.

Also, if you’re looking for the smokestacks at the new Great American Ballpark, they aren’t there.

The game doesn’t lack realism.

Home runs are more common at Coors Field, pitchers intentionally walk Barry Bonds, and players go through hitting streaks and hitting slumps.

If you want 22 runs scored in a game, with 10 home runs and zero strikeouts, don’t buy “High Heat” because that isn’t what this game is about.

“High Heat Baseball 2004,” is the most in-depth, realistic game on the market.

It brings the real game of baseball to your television screen and puts it at your control.