Dorm store may change

Students who live on campus may soon be able to rent movies without having to drive to the local Blockbuster.

The convenient store located in Norse Commons will be replaced with either a movie rental area, pizza place, arcade, expanded cardio room, ice cream parlor, computer lab, or dry cleaners.

These possibilities are based on a survey of 240 NKU residents to determine if the “C-Store” would be better suited for another purpose.

John Rasp, a Student Government Association senator, compiled the survey’s information.

“The movie rental area and pizza place were the top choices of students,” said Rasp.

The movie rental area was picked 78 times out of the 240 surveys, as being what the students preferred to replace the C-Store.

The pizza parlor was chosen 63 times.

Rasp is currently working with Ken Ramey, assistant vice president for Business Operations/Auxiliary Services, to come up with a solution for the location so students will utilize it more frequently.

“The C-Store is not used by many people. We want to pick something the students want,” said Rasp.

Over the summer both Rasp and Ramey will consider plans for the transformation.

“If we decide on a movie rental area we will have to partner with a local company and try to get it ready by next fall,” said Ramey.

Jacqueline Muzyka, a Commonwealth resident, has only used the C-Store once to buy a can of chicken noodle soup.

“The only person I ever see in the store is the guy who works there. I don’t think the store serves the student’s needs because most of them use the meal plan in the dining area,” she said. O

n the survey, Muzyka chose the movie rental area as her favorite replacement for the C-Store. “There’s so many times when my friends want to get together and watch a movie. I think it would be great if they put in a movie rental area and also have food you could buy like popcorn,” she said.

Ramey says at this point he has no idea about how much a pizza place or movie rental place will cost the University.