Baker retires after 21 years

Mike Baker, vice president of Administration and Finance at NKU, is retiring April 30.

“It’s hard to leave. I have worked here for 21 years and I’ve brought passion to my job,” Baker said. “I will miss all the people. There are lots of hard working people at Northern.”

“It has been an honor to serve and help Northern Kentucky University,” Baker said.

Baker shows gratitude for his achievements as vice president for overseeing the instruction of a $38 million science center, the financing and construction of a new residential hall and parking garage, the completion of a facilities master plan, a four-year market pay initiative, the outsourcing of a bookstore and the restructuring of Public Safety.

His personal goal is to serve students, faculty and staff to the best of his ability, to give them 100 percent and to provide a caring environment.

Baker said he will continue working in May part-time to make sure that the university does not have a void in the administration.

After his retirement from NKU, he plans to pursue a second career, which he said is yet to be determined.

“I may do some temporary work for Votruba and I would love to teach in the College of Business,” Baker said. “I really enjoy the interaction between the students in the classroom and outside [of the classroom].”

Student Government Association President Katie Herschede said, “He is an extraordinary student administrator, he always helps students. He emphasizes to build a relationship with students.”

Herschede said the most memorable thing about him is his easy- going nature. “He’s laid back. He keeps things going and is really personal. He’s easy to talk to,” Herschede said. “He’s a great guy. I will personally be sad to see him go.”

“We are [NKU] because of him. He is a great leader,” Herschede said. “He has some big shoes to fill.”

Baker’s advice to the new vice president is to “treat the people well and they will treat you good.”

When Baker is not fulfilling his vice presidential duties, he enjoys watching his favorite movies, “Sleepless in Seattle” and “E.T.”

“I am a Meg Ryan fan. I love to travel; I enjoy golf, sports and music. I love college basketball and baseball,” Baker said.

When Mike Baker was a child, he never dreamed that he would attend a university. He says his biggest obstacle was to earn a college degree. “I was raised in a family that couldn’t help me,” he said.

When he received his acceptance letter to attend Northern Kentucky University, he knew the best was yet to come.

Baker was born on August 16, 1952, in Covington. He was the oldest of two sisters and a brother. By being the eldest of four children, he was considered the leader.

Baker discovered as an undergraduate in 1970 that NKU was the right place for him. In 1975, he graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting and business administration. In 1978, he furthered his education by obtaining his master’s at Xavier University, where he majored in business administration with an emphasis in management.

Before Baker became vice president in October 1998, he held various positions at NKU including: chief accountant, director of accounting, comptroller (accountant), cooperating assistant professor of the accountancy department and assistant vice president for Business Affairs/Treasurer.

There will be a retirement coffee for Mike Baker April 30, in the University Center Ballroom at 8:30.a.m.