An Army veteran’s message

I would like to thank Samantha Warner for her thoughts about the antiwar protesters.

I also have a thought for those who protest as well.

I am a disabled Army Veteran and a student.

I have not been able to attend any classes this semester due to my illness and it is good to see that at least one person thinks my service to this country was worth the ultimate price

I had to pay and those like my father have also paid the price of being killed in action.

I also lost one cousin at the World Trade Center and another in the Pentagon on Sept. 11.

A soldier does not go out looking for glory. We think the freedom that we secure for our families, friends and even those we do not know is glory enough for us.

But, when we see people not supporting us we tend to wonder, why are we taking this chance of death for someone who acts like we deserve to die?

Iraq has had several years to comply with the disarming rules and has not.

How would we feel if our government stockpiled weapons and chemical suits in our schools?

We would not stand for it a bit and the small children in Iraq should not have to put up with that either.

So, if you feel that you must protest the war go ahead and do it but support the men and women who have elected to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. They protect all our rights.

A soldier does not look forward to war, but if we are called upon we will defend what needs to be defended.

We take an oath that states we will defend all aggressors foreign and domestic.

Thank You Ms. Warner and those who have supported my fellow soldiers past and present.

Just a thought from an old soldier who has two sons ages 6 and 8, who think that his service to this country was “great” to paraphrase them.

They also say they want to be soldiers like their Daddy and Grandfather.

All I can do s smile and pray that they will not have to pay the price me and my father have paid.