Ninja Poets attack campus!!!!

Dear Jordan, I am going to email my story to your email that I have from yahoo. This Brad Bowman I wrote for the paper in 2002 and took that fall off because I got married and life became too hectic for me. I have a story about the “poetic graffiti” on the campus building walls and on the sidewalks. The Ninja Poets, as they call themselves, are a group of students doing this for National Poetry Month.The group states that Andy Miller in the lit and language department didn’t see a need to anything for it. The Lit and lang were too busy with Shakespeare to do anything for poetry month. I am going to try and get a quote from Andy or not use his name at all and just write it from their (the Ninja’s ) point of view. They wanted the campus to celebrate poetry and return it to the streets. I also have pics to send of the artwork/poetry