Involvement: SGA issue #1

Student involvement is a popular issue for this semester’s candidates for Student Government Association.

Some candidates say students around campus are unaware of what the Student Government Association does and the issues its members resolve.

“The sad fact is, on this campus of 14,000 students, far too many have been left out of the fold,” presidential candidate Chris Pace wrote in his election biography.

“We have to reach out to resident students, commuters, non-traditionals, graduate students; the list goes on and on.”

Andy Hixson, running for vice president of public relations, points to “getting new ideas and opinions from students who are not currently involved in SGA.”

SGA will have a hand in parking issues and the planning of the new Student Union, as well as other issues and events involving students.

“I am extremely proud of Student Government Association, and getting students involved and familiar with SGA is my main focus,” said Brandon Neukam, candidate for vice president of public relations.

“Members are responsible for making themselves visible to students, and getting their policies known,” said Nathan Hagler, running for a seat in the SGA Senate.

SGA voting will take place April 16 and 17 in the University Center lobby.