SGA considers plan to bring free newspapers to campus

The Student Government Association is considering bringing a program to campus that provides free newspapers to students.

Between Oct. 21 and Nov. 22 of last year, USA Today’s Newspaper Readership Program brought USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer to students free of charge as a way to boost readership.

Ratona Harr, a representative from USA Today, met with SGA last Monday to discuss the program’s effects at NKU.

She presented the results of a survey that was given to students on the final day of the program.

“The results (of the survey) showed that 85 percent of students would read on a regular basis if newspapers were available,” said Harr.

The survey also showed that 76 percent of students believed that reading the newspaper was important to their education.

Jesy Wenstrup, a transfer student from Bowling Green, said she would read the newspaper more frequently if it were provided at school.

“At Bowling Green, we got USA Today in our dorms and classes for free and it was cool because we could just pick it up and read,” she said.

When the program was first introduced to the SGA last fall, Katie Herschede, president of SGA, said she hoped it would get students more involved in current events.

SGA will now decide if USA Today will continue to supply newspapers to students through next year.

The program offers a wide range of papers including the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The program would cost the University $15,000 a year.

“USA Today is concerned that college students don’t know what’s going on in the world,” said Harr.

Wenstrup agreed saying, “Now with the war going on, I would read USA Today more frequently. Having it provided at school would save me time and money.”

Kentucky State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Xavier University all participate in USA Today’s Newspaper Readership Program as well as over 160 other colleges.