Protesters don’t speak for everyone

For the Northern Kentucky University student who participated in the anti-war protest in Downtown Cincinnati on March 20, and held a sign, which stated, “NKU students against war,” I would like to know what gives you the right to protest for me and everyone else on campus who does not share your opinion.

I have been at NKU for three years and consider myself very supportive of the University. I love the school that I go to and enjoy the experience that I am getting at Northern. I support the American soldiers and the reason our soldiers are over seas.

It is one thing for one student or even a few students to get together and join in an anti-war protest, but to go and parade that NKU students are against the war is just wrong.

You have every right to have your own opinion and join in a protest in which you feel strongly about your beliefs. Freedom of speech is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be an American. What gave you the right to speak for me?

If that is your opinion, that is good, because the troops that are fighting over seas right now are fighting in order for you to be able to have that opinion. I am offended that a student from NKU took it upon himself to protest that all of NKU students are against the war.

I am not against the war. I am a strong supporter of President Bush and I also support the American troops who are fighting for our safety. Many of the soldiers over seas are friends of mine or someone I know. I wish our country would be united at a time like this in order for our soldiers to know how much I, and those who agree with me, support them and wish for their safe return.

I wish that some of you that are against the war could put yourself in the soldier’s shoes who are away from their families and friends. Just remember how they will feel when they see your protest. When we are at war, our country needs to be united.

It frightens me that America has fallen so far apart since September 11, 2001, when we were attacked as a country.

Everyone felt the same way because America was attacked.

Just think about this-if our country just lets Saddam go on his merry way murdering his own people and relatives and waiting for him to sell or give his weapons to terrorists to attack us on our ground, what will you say then?

How would you feel if terrorists set off chemical weapons in America? How would you feel if more innocent Americans were killed again on our own soil?

If you were not affected by 9/11, you should reconsider what you think being an American means.