Americans have an obligation to support soldiers at war

Everyone who regularly reads my columns realizes that I think that this conflict is justified. I’m just going to talk about some things I’ve seen and heard since the conflict began that I think are worthy of comment.

First off, I’d like to mention that I think our troops are acting honorably and properly, at least from every report that I’ve seen. This is especially important after seeing the Iraqis violate the Geneva Convention by parading captured coalition troops around in front of cameras for propaganda purposes, and even (it appeared) shooting them out of hand. Just further confirmation that the coalition of the willing holds the moral high ground.

I saw on the news that a Navy Corpsman was maimed in a minefield. He ended up losing his right hand and his left leg. Immediately afterward, the channel cut to the protesters in New York, I think, and to someone holding up a sign stating that our troops deserve whatever they get.

I don’t care whether you support this conflict or not, but you owe the men and women in uniform your respect and gratitude.

These protesters want to talk about freedom of speech and freedom of opinion. The very people these protesters hate and denigrate guard these freedoms every day. A friend told me about a World War II veteran speaking at a rally somewhere. These protesters shouted him down.

Afterward, the veteran, with a tear in his eye, turned to someone else and said that the protesters were not worth the sacrifice his friends and family had paid.

My heart tore at hearing that, but I really cannot disagree. These soldiers live in horrible conditions.

Now, they’re being told by the very people whose freedom they protect that they deserve any injuries they get. I find this absolutely sickening.

This conflict is completely on Saddam’s hands. He had 12 years to comply with the U.N. He had 48 hours to leave.

He chose to believe that the coalition would not fight. He called what he perceived to be a bluff. He was wrong, but he is not the one who suffers most from his miscalculation. The Iraqi people get to suffer most.

To close, I support our troops. I support our troops because I could not look in the mirror otherwise.

Remember that these brave men and women are fighting for your freedoms without caring about your politics.