Battle of the Bands

Hi, my name is Randy Steffen a junior majoring in R/TV and minoring in journalism at NKU. I have a complaint about eh paper that came out on March 26, 2003(it says the 19th for some reason). I ama member of the band who won the Battle of the Bands on the 20th. We were interviewed by Amanda VanBenchoten, who is also wondering why the article did not make the paper. I, along with the members of Payola (the name of our band) were very upset to see that there was no article or picture in the paper. Nothing about the Battle is even mentioned in the paper. We told friends, on campus along with members of our families that we would have an article in The Northerner, so this is a major let down. Imagine being totally excited about the paper coming out, and even grabbing 6 or 7 papers from the bin because you would be in the paper, only to be let down by seeing nothing was even published. To me, the article that was supposed to be in this week’s edition, would be worth more than the $500 we won at the battle. I just think something ought to be said for my sake and sake of the band, and all the hard work we put into getting ready for the battle.

Thanks, Randy Steffen