Searching for the perfect mate? Check out NorseDATE

Are you single and looking? If so, NorseDATE, a new dating service this semester at NKU, may be able to help you.

“It eliminates the awkwardness of finding out about a person and the time wasted on dating people you are not compatible with,” said Cnadace Klein, Norse DATE marketing director. “It’s fun, easy and inexpensive. What do you have to lose?”

NorseDATE was started by seven students at the start of this spring semester. They came up with the idea as part of a project for their New Venture Management class (ENT 394).

Participants fill out a confidential interest survey. No personal information is necessary beyond first name and email address. “It is to the subscriber’s discretion as to whether they would like to further the communication, at which point we are no longer responsible,” Klein said.

Surveys are collected on Mondays and Tuesdays between noon and 1 p.m. in the University Center lobby. Information collected on Monday is entered into a database, which filters the names and interests and finds three matches for each entry. Surveys collected on Tuesday are used in the following week’s database.

On Friday of the week the survey is filled out, NorseDATE sends an email to participants with the email addresses of the three most compatible people for them, based on survey responses.

The surveys are valid for only one week. To find more matches, participants must fill out another survey. Each survey, including the initial one, costs $1.

NorseDATE has received approximately 200 surveys so far, and has nearly 50 repeat customers.

The seven students who started NorseDATE are Candace Klein, Kristin Wuest, Rachel Sand, Dustin Cahill, Micah Preston, Elizabeth Bugge and Jeremy Lainhart.

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