Saddam explores world of online journals

“Saddam just needs a hug.”

Emblazoned in large white letters on a Smurfy-blue t-shirt, this slogan passed me by before I had enough time to react with some pseudo-witty Smurf/Saddam remark.

Peaceful protest or sarcastic gesture to our most recent invasion of Iraq, I don’t know; but it surely changed my mental image of this sparring, war-driven leader, to a kinder, softer teddy bear trapped in a sand dune.

Or not.

So the shirt didn’t really make me think much more than, “Man, if I had a camera…” initially, but once I resumed my addiction to internet blogs (online journals) I realized it was a hug and a sense of humor that was necessary.

Saddam has not one, but two blogs on (user names “iraq” and “saddamh”).

No really, it’s totally him …or a few people with a grasp on parody and some extra time on their hands.

One of the Saddam impersonators chronicled his day (“moustache looks good, am best-looking man in the country. (Note to self: have to order new giant painting in Baghdad city centre.)”)

The other explained his plan for when the bombs start dropping (“I’m ready for action. My generals have authorization to use any weapons necessary, and I’ve got my fanny pack.”).

A picture of President Bush giving Saddam a noogie.

Saddam posing with the Olsen twins and the Dixie Chicks.

It may be in bad taste, but it’s a diversion from showing dead soldiers, or watching people getting arrested in war protests.

To clarify, I do not find either war, or Saddam Hussein to be humorous alone.

But a little satire and some Photo-Shopped images definitely ease the tension of the up-to-the-second newsbreaks and reminders of our country being on the “High” terrorism alert.

In that case, maybe Saddam doesn’t need a hug, I do.