Latifa and Martin make hilarious odd couple

Steve Martin and Queen Latifah paired up and became a hilarious duo in the movie Bringing Down the House.

Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin), a divorced tax attorney with two kids, has been chatting over the Internet with Charlene Morton (Queen Latifah), who’s screen name is “lawyer girl.” He believes she is a beautiful, successful lawyer.

Much to Peter’s surprise, when the two meet, Charlene turns out to be a loud, convicted armed robber who is looking for someone to prove her innocence.

Peter throws her out of the house, refusing to help clear her name, but Charlene does not give up. She tries to convince Peter that if he helps her, she will in return teach him some new moves to help him win back his ex-wife, Kate (Jean Smart), whom he is still in love with.

Charlene moves into Peter’s house and quickly befriends both of his children. Peter’s teenage daughter sneaks out to a party with a guy who turns out to be a creep and Charlene hangs him over a ledge and makes him apologize. She also assists in teaching his young son to read with the help of a copy of Peter’s Giant Juggz magazine.

While Charlene works to prove her innocence, she teaches Peter, who she renames “P. Diddy,” to dance and to be fun again in order to win back his wife. In the meantime, Charlene complicates things between Peter and his wealthy client and the bigot neighbor across the street (Betty White), whom also happens to be the sister of his boss.

The ending to this movie is easily speculated. After a gun battle in a bar, Charlene’s innocence is proven, and Peter keeps his client and also wins his wife back.

Martin has been in a long list of movies. He has appeared in such movies as The Jerk, Plains, Trains, and Automobiles and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Latifah, who began her career as a rap star, has landed roles in The Bone Collector, Brown Sugar and most recently, Chicago.

Although these two appear to be an odd couple, together they will have you laughing out loud.