dj X’s week in review

Pick of the week: R Kelly’s “Chocolate Factory”

The title itself makes you think bad things. Ladies and gentlemen, get your chance to pick up R Kelly’s last album for at least five to ten (years). Don’t get me wrong, R Kelly is an incredible singer with a large variety in his music. This album shows his ability to no only sing well but work with the right people. He has brought some of the best from the world of hip hop and R ‘ B to create yet another great album.

Gotta Have it Album: The Ataris’ “So Long Astoria”

Yet another of the “the” bands. What could be better than a band named after a video game system? The Ataris have busted on the scene like Pac-Man busts on those little ghosts. With a raw sound similar to the Vines and The Exies, they seem almost pre-packaged. However, like their name, they are a revolutionary force in rock music. Their style is unique and I see them as one the survivors of this short resurgence of modern punk rock. Go pick it up before the “Nintendo’s” arrive (ha ha).

Old School pick of the Week: Bone Thugs N Harmony “E. 1999 and Eternal”

The definitive album to date E. 1999 and Eternal served notice that just because you grew up in the ghetto didn’t mean you had to rap. Bone TNH set the standard for four piece vocal groups of the 1990’s. With their breakthrough hit, “Crossroad”, they not only proved their vocal talent but gave the word a song of remembrance. As beautiful as it is, it is not the only great song on this album. I believe that Bonne TNH are the measuring stick of modern soul. Their career and music prove this. And I believe that everyone should own the beginnings of such a bands great career.

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