Pro-defense better than pro-war

As the writer of the editorial, “War is the Answer,” published in the Feb. 26 issue of The Northerner, I got a lot of both positive and negative feedback. Some stated they were happy to see someone share their stance on the situation with Iraq, while others said “this article sucks,” “you are an idiot” and other more colorful phrases. I would like to share an explanation of what I wrote with both sides.

My article first made a comparison between Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. I even quoted a former director of the CIA in order to show that members in the intelligence community believe the comparison is true. I had hoped that some people, especially those with some knowledge of history, would see the same. I will admit, a lot of what I had written was said before, but I would now like to address the people who keep asking where the evidence is?”

As educated individuals, we tend to focus on facts and less on speculation. Law students are told, when handling a case, they need evidence to prove whether or not someone is innocent or guilty. When a student writes a research paper, they need sources to back up their findings and establish credibility. If the United States were to reveal key evidence in order to gain public approval for invading Iraq, lives would be in jeopardy.

Hussein has people closely watched and knows what his top officials do as part of their jobs. For example, if the news media were to obtain information about an underground weapons facility in Iraq, Hussein would know people were aware of the site. The people who worked there, as well as their families, would be tortured and/or murdered simply for the media’s knowledge of this place, whether or not they had given information to the United States. The U.S. government does not want any harm coming to these people or their families and that is why no information like this is released to the media. End of discussion.

A lot of people have been trying to place themselves in the appropriate group: “Am I anti-war or pro-war?” I do not believe that people who are against war are anti-American. I think the more outspoken individuals are anti-Bush or anti-Republican. I hope protesters will not turn their backs on the men and women of the armed forces, who fight to save the lives of the Iraqi people and our own. If anti-war protesters were to do this, they would then be considered “anti-American” by me and many others.

Our country is no longer in a cold war, where politics determine if young men and women go to fight and die. A war in Iraq is not only necessary to defend America and the freedoms its people use and abuse; it is also the opportunity for the United States to defend and liberate people who have suffered under a vile dictatorship. Weapons inspectors and the same “slap on the wrist” method of the past 12 years will not help defend the United States or the people of Iraq.

France and other nations opposed to war are not against a war in Iraq purely because of their “humanitarian” beliefs. They have investments in Iraq and its oil. If a new government were to be created in Iraq, it’s likely these nations would not be paid back any debts that the current regime may leave behind.

I stated in my previous editorial how “true peace” would only be obtained with the extinction of the human race. Somebody asked me how that could be proven scientifically.

Well, I would never want to prove it because all human beings would have to be destroyed. Furthermore, who would be there to prove my idea right or wrong?

I would never advocate removing the freedom of speech from our Constitution. I ask that those who protest a war in Iraq show restraint and support defending America.

I also encourage all those who consider themselves to be pro-war to refer to themselves as being pro-defense.