Potluck dinner serves diversity as main entree

The International Student Union will hold their annual International Potluck Dinner at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 12, to introduce students to diverse cultures from around the world through food and entertainment.

The event, “Dive into Diversity,” is designed to “create student awareness of campus diversity and encourages more involvement with an international outlook,” said Anamika Soni, chair of the event.

The ISU tries to provide equal representation from many different cultures. According to Abdul Kazi, public relations officer for ISU, “The potluck event comprises a mixture of food and performances from all over the world.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to see performances including Latino, African, Indian and Indonesian dances, Ukrainian musical performances, flag ceremonies, guest speakers and a fashion show. There will also be Japanese songs and a song composed by people from at least four different countries in four different languages.

“We hope to spread awareness of the diversity on our campus and, as a general point of view, in this nation,” Soni said. “We try to cluster all the cultures together on one single ground to emphasize the sentiments of unity.”

In addition to potluck dinners, the ISU have other events such as International Movie Night, International Coffee Hour and International Week. The movie night focuses on a theme. This semester the theme is superstitions in other cultures. The coffee hour is held the first Wednesday of every month on the 2nd floor lounge in the University Center. Each day of international week celebrates the culture of a different country through arts and crafts, music and performances.

The dinner is open to anyone interested and usually lasts about an hour. Those who wish to attend may bring a homemade dish (store-bought food is not accepted) to serve 10 people, or buy a ticket for $10. Tickets are limited and will become available Monday, March 24. For ticket reservations contact Adam Widanski at 572-6517 or widanskia@exchange.nku.edu.