dj- X’s Week in Review

Pick of the Week: Breaking Point “Coming of Age”

Imagine if you will, a perfect blend of hard rock chords and pop -culture lyrics. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well it’s not perfect , but Breaking Point came pretty close. For those of you who don’t know Breaking Point, that’s OK. For wrestling fans, however, you know them, or at least their music.

Their single “One of a Kind” is used as Rob Van Dams’ entrance theme. They are however, more than just simple rock. The best way to describe them is, a hardcore version of Three Doors Down.

They definitely rock harder, but have the same deep messages. I think they will have a “break- out” year in 2003. So keep your ears tuned and watch for the Breaking Point.

Gotta Have It: Missy Elliot “Under Construction”

Is it worth it? You damn skippy it is. Missy has done it again. This time in better shape and style than ever before. Missy holds true to her hip- hop roots while playing up the fun in her life and remembering her lost friends. This is an incredible album. I think hip-hop is on its way to a return. I see more rappers rapping about fun and money rather than violence.

Gangster rap will never go away, but it is good to have the fun back in hip- hop. Go pick up this album, it is a blast. If you get the chance, pick up an Adidas jogging suit. If Missy can rock it– I think we all should.

Old School Pick: AC/DC “Back in Black”

It’s time to charge up again. AC/DC’s “Back in Black” is quite possibly their best album. Now it has been re-mastered and re-released for a whole new generation.

With thundering drums, Brian Johnsons’ haunting voice, and Angus Youngs’ searing guitar, this album is pure rock and roll. AC/DC’s music is a reflection of ’40s jazz drum and a guitar from out of this world. “Back in Black” harbored four hit singles and the rest of the album doesn’t miss a beat. Everyone needs this in their collection. Go and pick it up. If you don’t, then fear the bunny. Keep rocking and I’ll see you down the road.

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