ISU events squash myths

While the membership of the International Student Union (ISU) is plentiful and diverse, there still seems to remain some misconceptions about the group and the students who belong.

Abdul Kazi, Public Relations Officer, explains that the ISU is interested in squashing stereotypes.

“A lot of students think that the ISU is only for people born outside the United States,” Kazi said.

The purpose of the organization is actually to introduce students of different cultures and nationalities to each other.

It is an opportunity for students to learn from each other by interacting and sharing their experiences. In fact, American student involvement is integral to the process of uniting students and cultures and is highly encouraged by the ISU.

Some other stereotypes the organization seeks to dispel are that international students aren’t friendly, their religions are weird and that a person can’t possibly have anything in common with someone from another country.

The ISU sponsors and hosts a variety of events to bring students together and to provide the means for breaking cultural barriers. A couple of key ISU events are the annual Potluck Dinner, on April 12, and the Interracial Week, during which exhibitions of native dance and music, international food and diverse activities produce a week-long party in the plaza.

Last semester, ISU held its first International Movie Night. It was a success, and plans are in the works for a second International Movie Night, themed “Superstitions.”

Also, in cooperation with International Student Affairs, ISU conducts an International Coffee hour every first Wednesday of the month.

Weekly meetings are held on Fridays at 3 p.m. in UC 108. There are no membership fees, and all are welcome. For more information about ISU, visit their website at: or send an email to