War is the answer

“War is Hell,” General Sherman once said. Nobody likes war and, with war comes death and suffering but it is, sometimes, necessary to preserve our rights, such as the Freedom of Speech. Protesters should consider this before speaking. A war with Iraq is a measure to prevent history from repeating itself.

In the 1930’s, the world was deceived by Adolf Hitler with his denial of German militarization. The consequences of that denial are well known and people should understand a similar deception is occurring today.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey stated to CBS news that Saddam Hussein “poses the same kind of threat to the United States that Hitler posed in Germany in the mid 1930s when the British and the French kept postponing dealing with him in the way that some people are advocating dealing with Saddam now.”

Currently, Germany and France are against any military action against Saddam and his regime. If they continue, the world may indeed see history repeat itself with the birth of World War III.

Saddam Hussein is leading the U.N. weapons inspectors on a wild goose chase by not allowing them to question Iraqi scientists or other Iraqi officials effectively, due to being escorted by Iraqi military.

The inspectors are trying to do their job but are being played the same cat and mouse game as before even though they may find used or destroyed weapons.

These weapons were likely used on the Kurds and other enemies of Saddam or destroyed by the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War, not the Iraqis.

Based on the past history of deception, torture, and murder, nobody can assume the current regime in Iraq is innocent. The dictator of Iraq is collaborating with terrorist organizations to produce, stockpile, and hide some of the worst weapons available to mankind.

The harsh reality is that horrible weapons have been used by Iraq’s current regime, and used on the Iraqi people. What stands in the way of Saddam giving any of these weapons to a terrorist network in order to smuggle them into an ally of the United States or into the heart of the United States itself?

If weapons made in Iraq before are not proven to be destroyed or are not physically seen by weapons inspectors, then there is the strong possibility that they are in the hands or terrorists, who would find it honorable to kill you.

Some people believe that a war with Iraq is about oil. A gallon of milk costs more that a gallon of gas. Maybe there will be a war on major dairy countries?

Oil is not the issue even though gas prices have risen. Oil companies deal with pricing oil not the American government. If people would like the government to be involved in every part of their life, they should consider moving to a totalitarian communist country.

The infamous saying, “Why can’t we all get along” is a na