SGA ready for rally

Student Government set a goal to have 50 people from Northern Kentucky University attend the Higher Education Rally in Frankfort on Feb. 27. President Katie Herschede expects to meet, and possibly exceed that goal.

“People have really stepped up to plate,” she said.

SGA will supply free transportation via a 40-passenger bus and a 15-passenger van for students or other individuals who wish to represent NKU at the rally. The bus and van space is first-come first-serve. However, Herschede said others are welcome to follow in their own vehicles as well.

The “March on the Capitol” is sponsored by the Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents (BSBP), one of which will speak at the rally to persuade state legislators to “Invest in Education”.

“Northern Kentucky University and the northern Kentucky region are the fastest growing, yet the least supported by state dollars,” Herschede said in a recent letter to NKU students. “Help us send the message to our legislators that this is not acceptable.”

The group will meet in the University Center and leave for the capitol at 6:30 a.m. Free t-shirts will be provided. For more information e-mail or call (859) 572-5190.

If you can not attend the rally but would like to contribute to the “Invest in Education” effort, Herschede recommends e-mailing state legislators via the “Contact Kentucky State Legislators” link on the NKU Homepage.