Marketing Club key to networking opportunities

The Marketing Club offers a way for NKU students, of any major, to network connections and job hunt successfully while they are still in school.

“As president, I try to bring an element to the students that they don’t normally get from classes,” said John Eytchison, president of the Marketing Club. “(It is) an opportunity to network, learn from professionals in different aspects of the industry, and the opportunity to take a leadership role and place themselves one step ahead of non-member students.”

The club holds informal meetings on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. where members discuss marketing plans or activities, listen to guest speakers and eat LaRosa’s pizza.

On Feb. 5, the club featured guest speaker, Chris Heiert, brand manager for the beauty care line at Proctor and Gamble (P’G).

“Chris gave us useful information on how to get an internship at P’G as well as information on how their marketing department works,” said Jeanette Lehman, marketing major and club member at NKU. “His personal story of how he grew inside the company after graduating from NKU gives me confidence in myself when finding a job,” she said.

Other benefits of membership include discounts on marketing publications and American Marketing Association (AMA) conferences, free attendance to some Cincinnati AMA meetings, which consist of roundtable discussions and are a great place for students to network. Members can participate in competitions with other collegiate chapters across the nation, receive a free subscription to Marketing News and have the chance to be nominated to be part of Alpha (Mu Alpha, which recognizes excellence in academic achievement).

Eytchison said the club is working on community involvement, as well. In the past, members have volunteered to help with Operation Christmas Child and Junior Achievement. They plan to adopt and offer their services to a non-profit organization in the future.

Speakers at previous meetings include the Director of Corporate Sales and Marketing for the Cincinnati Bengals, Vince Cicero; Director of Media Relations for Ashland Inc., Stanford H. Lampe; and the Director of Corporate Marketing for the Cincinnati Reds, Brad Blettner.

Future speakers include the Midwest Director of Business Development for Alcott Routon, Jim Marous, on March 24 and the Director of Marketing Tournament Players Club of River’s Bend, Tom Jones.

The club is open to all students and requires a $25 fee to join. Membership includes the NKU Marketing Club and the Cincinnati Professional Chapter of the AMA. Members have full access to the AMA’s website, “”, where students will find job postings and research services.