Discoveries in the Amazon

Students and faculty alike were on hand Wednesday to enjoy a fascinating lecture by Anthropologist Wade Davis.

His first of two lectures given on campus, as part of the NKU Lecture Series of the College of Arts and Sciences, was called “One River: Exploration and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest.”

This is also the name of the book written by Davis, from which he based the lecture.

While speaking, colorful slides were displayed that depicted scenes from the Amazon Rain Forest.

Some slides revealed beautiful scenery; some slides included pictures of indigenous tribes in the deep Amazon.

There were also pictures of Davis’ mentor, Richard Evans Schultes, who was one of the most revered botanists of this century.

Davis gave his speech in nearly all story form.

He spoke of Schultes and his character as well as describing many of his explorations and experiences in the Amazon.

It was in the Amazon where Schultes researched the coveted wild rubber trees and found 300 species of plants.

He lived with the local indigenous tribes while there and encountered many people from different cultures.

His experiences were described with amazing detail, even the dialogue of conversations he had while exploring the Amazon were word for word relived through Davis’ lecture.