Norah Jones debut

“Old music is just so badass and original,” Norah Jones told Rolling Stone. Jones, 23, exhibits a timeless music style different than any other popular music artist today.

Jones’s debut album “Come Away with Me” came out February 2002, but it was not until recently her first single “Don’t Know Why” began to climb the charts.

She is nominated for five Grammys this year. In addition, her hit single “Don’t Know Why” is nominated for Song of the Year and her album is nominated for two Grammys. That makes eight Grammy nominations!

If you are tired of the same style most female singers today demonstrate, you might enjoy listening to Jones’s smooth, sultry voice as she croons melodies that whisk you back in time. Jones is also a talented pianist. She performs all the piano pieces in her songs.

Jones grew up in Dallas, Texas, listening to jazz and blues artists such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, who are among her many musical influences.

Her voice sounds hauntingly like Billie Holliday’s at times, and her music style integrates jazz, blues and country with grace.

Jones’s style is so appealing because it is so unlike what most female musicians are doing right now. She is not another Britney copy-cat – a welcome relief to my poor ears.

Even if you are not a big fan of jazz, I recommend you check out this unique artist.

You might even “come away” with her. Her music seems to radiate from her soul. Yes, her style may seem old-fashioned, but this rising star is downright cool.