Code will be updated, revised

The Student Government Association has put together a committee to revise the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Dean of Students Kent Kelso will meet with the five-member committee to discuss changes to the document, which, except for minor adjustments, has not been revised since the 1960s.

“The document needs to be completely rewritten so it agrees with the constitution,” Kelso said. “We use the code daily to enforce student policy. If one policy is flawed, it may flaw the whole system.”

After the committee prepares a revised rough draft of the document, they will present it to a board consisting of the SGA, Faculty Senate, Office of Legal Council and the Staff Congress.

Eric Fegan, vice president for Administrative Affairs, is one of the committee’s members. He said the code may need to undergo several revisions.

“We will revise, present it to the board and revise again,” said Fegan.