Chan returns and shines in Shanghai

The boys are back in town. Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) and Roy O’Bannon (Owen Wilson) are back for another wild adventure in Shanghai Knights, only this time not in the Wild West.

Chon Wang, now a swashbuckling Western sheriff, hears that his father has been killed by a group of villains who are trying to overthrow China and Great Britain.

He immediately contacts his old buddy Roy back East to go to England to find and kill his father’s murderers.

Not to Chon’s surprise, he finds that Roy is double the womanizer than before. In fact, he’s a waiter and a gigolo.

The dueling duo must traverse to England to take down the evil-doers (and bring down the house) and save the world.

In England they find Chon Wang’s sister, and Roy finds himself in lust-at-first-sight with the lass.

This sequel is of a rare variety because it is actually better than the original.

The new Shanghai has non-stop laughs including hilarious fight scenes better than anything Chan has ever done (just imagine Chan as Cary Grant with an umbrella, a swingin’ show tune and some serious kung-fu.)

It’s also jam-packed with action, action, and more action. The fight scenes are fast-paced and creatively choreographed.

Some surprising historical characters also make cameos in the film, making the flick all the more fun.

And of course there are Chan’s trademark outtakes during the credits, which are always one of the best parts of Chan’s movies.

The only criticism I have of the movie is it uses some of the same elements in its plot as the first movie, Shanghai Noon.

I like sequels to simply continue the story using fresh material and not repeat the old stuff.

However, not the entire plot was similar to the first movie’s plot, and some of the similarities to the first flick actually added to the comedy.

This is the best stuff Chan has put out yet.

It’s definitely worth the money for the movie ticket. Heck it’s worth two movie tickets. I think I’m going to see it again.