Social Justice Coffeehouse

On November 10, 2002, Dr. Grant’s sociology class had their first coffeehouse to allow people to speak their minds. Poeple brought poetry, art, monologues, and songs to present. There were refreshments and an open microphone. Approximately 100 people showed up for the event. It was a big success, so it was then decided to continue doing the coffehouse as long as some people organized it. Jennifer Rison is doing most of the organizing, but she does have some help (me and others. The coffeehouse is a way to allow people to get together with strangers and talk about stuff on their mind and to introduce people to the social justice department. The next coffee house will be on Sunday, March 2, 2003 from 8 to 10 pm. We need people to come as well as people to present. People wishing to present come that night or contact me at, Jennifer at, or Dr. Grant at We will put them on the list to present. Please publish the information provided in the paper to inform people. Contact me if you have any questions. Katie Smiddy