Homecoming shows ‘pride’

Ah, it’s once again time for Homecoming with fun events, and the election of the Homecoming Court.

The theme for this year’s Homecoming is “Pushing Our Pride at 35.”

The goal with this theme is to have all students come out and show their pride.

There are several events planned for this year’s Homecoming including the Annual Black Comedy tour, featuring three comics who appear regularly on BET.

The Activities Programming Board (APB) will also present an event called NKU’s Homegrown Talent. This will be a talent show featuring NKU students doing what they are best at.

Another event, the APB Bets For Bucks, will score brave students a little bit of cash. This event is a knockoff of the popular TV series “I Bet You Will.” Students can win cash by doing silly stunts like shaving their entire body.

But, the most important event is the crowning of the Homecoming Court. The freshmen winners will be crowned as Duke and Duchess, the sophomore winners will be crowned as Prince and Princess, and of course, either a junior or senior winner will be crowned as this year’s King and Queen. Voting will take place on Feb. 12-13, in the University Center Lobby.