dj-X’s Week in Review

Pick of the Week: Chevelle “Wonder What’s Next”

The only thing that rocks harder than a ’68 Chevelle Super sport is the music you play in it. Chevelle has come on strong with their latest album. Though the band has been around for a while, and even had a single on the rock charts in 99, it wasn’t until 2002 that the masses were ready for the power Chevelle possessed.

With hard hitting chords and a message dug deep from the psyche of their rather quiet front man, Chevelle hopes to keep rocking for some time. As it is my opinion, I believe that these guys have something, something everyone should hear.

Gotta have it: The Hives “Veni Vidi Vicious”

I had a hard time believing that we, society, could successfully clone a human. However, after seeing the Hives lead singer, I am a believer. One question though, why Mick Jagger? Of all the people in the world to clone why him?

This guy imitates Mick, down to the look and mannerisms. It is unbelievable how similar they look and act. As for the album, it speaks for itself. Raw and outrageous.

It screams sixties, seventies rock. A return to the old. I am glad to hear real rock and roll come back to the mainstream. If his singing ability is as good as his look these guys might be around for a while.

Personally I doubt it, but I love this album.

Old School Pick: Sublime “Sublime”

Oh, how I long for the days of “Summertime”, back when the living was easy. Back before everyone came from Long Beach there were only two, Snoop Dogg and Sublime.

Back in the turmoil of the early nineties these boys smashed through breaking all sorts of social and political barriers.

From their ode to Marcus Ons Jr. and the L.A. riots to their realistic views of Annie’s lifestyle, Sublime told the world how they saw the problems in their home.

Never again will a band impact the world of music like Sublime. Maybe that’s good because if everyone made an impact there would never be truly great bands.

Long live the music of Sublime and go support the Long Beach Dub All Stars for keeping the dream alive.

Until next time.

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