AndAndy is homegrown here at NKU

Besides being students at NKU, Josh Purnell and Andy Crawford have something in common with literally hundreds of others that can be found walking around campus; they are members of a band.

Purnell and Crawford along with former NKU student Josh Duncan and Rob Warnick form the group, AndAndy.

Still new to the local music scene, AndAndy is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most talented bands in the tri-state area.

The band formed in late 2001, and things have just progressed from there. Shortly after forming, the band started searching in hopes of gaining a fifth member who could be lead vocals. After much practice, and still no singer to be found, Purnell decided to step up to the microphone and take a shot at it himself, and with much surprise, the result was a good one.

With a lead singer in place, AndAndy began to write their own songs and felt they were ready to take their show to the stage. They played their first live show in August, at York Street Caf