Redesign possible for cafeterias

Senior Kent Kelsch frequently eats in the University Center, which means he also has to wait in line sometimes.

During peak hours at the cafeteria, he sometimes waits in line up to 15 minutes because of the amount of people there at the same time.

“At lunch, the cafeteria is definitely crowded,” Kelsch said. “With more students coming in, expansion would be a great improvement.”

Kelsch and other students and faculty who eat in the cafeterias on campus may get their wish.

The University Center and Residential cafeterias may see future expansion to support the increased number of students at NKU.

Sodexho, the food company that holds a contract with NKU, is negotiating a way to undergo larger dining areas.

“Expanding the residential cafeteria will create two lines instead of just one, making service faster and easier for students,” said Lindsay Hunter, a representative of the Residential Housing Association.

Sodexho’s contract with NKU lasts two more years.

According to Hunter, any type of changes with the cafeteria would depend on what kind of agreement is made between Sodexho and University Housing.

The expansion of the Residential Cafeteria is needed soon, due to the strain of additional residents moving in next fall.

However, the University Center cafeteria will not be excluded from the expansion plans.

“The design of the University Center cafeteria can’t handle a large flow of traffic,” said Eric Fegan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

An architect will need to redesign and preplan the dining halls in accordance to Sodexho’s budget.

The width of both seating and kitchen areas will need to be augmented.