ACROSS 1. King of comedy , Bernie 5. Werewolf syndrome 7. Superbowl champs 9. A source of opinion, a critic 10. A strung puppet 12. Milton’s red right handed character 14. Crazy person 16. Unit of marine depth equal to six feet 18. The president of the Greater Cincinnati Runner’s Club (p.6) 19. ‘Air Force Ones’ 22. Reebok’s Office Linebacker, Terry 24. System that forms a network between electronic office equipment 25. Contagious skin disease caused by a parasitic mite 26. An NKU program that offers many special, multi-disciplined seminars 28. Musical term for smooth, without any noticeable break between notes 29. A creed 30. To hang up 31. Poe’s master detective

DOWN 2. The best way to show your sweetie you love ’em in print, a Northerner 3. Photographer censored in Cincinnati 4. Lost shuttle 6. Chewy cookie with almond paste or coconut 8. Chubbiest Goonie 11. Poe written, oft misspelled Hop-Frog love 13. Italian Fashion Co. founded 1975 15. Severe protein malnutrition marked by distended abdomen and anemia 16. Facsimile machine 17. “The Garden Party” playwright, Vaclav 20. Japanese mob 21. Platonic allegory 23. No Doubt Diva 24. NKU’s Administrative Center 26. ‘Leviathan’ author 27. Last weekend’s box office topping film 28. Largest Nigerian city