dj-X’s Week in Review

Pick of the Week: the Used “the Used”

Have you ever wondered what “The Taste of Ink” was? Well these guys answer it for you. The Used stepped on the scene a few months ago and have been slowly climbing the charts since.

With their sound of raw guitar and searing vocals they make quite a contender for the new metal crown. Riddled with deep meaning and laced with a blend of rock and pop, these guys are sure to be around for a while, or at least until their sophomore album. Cause in this business you get used and thrown to the wayside for the next big thing. Good luck. Your gonna need it.

“Gotta have it” Album: the Donnas “Spend the Night”

Where Blink 182 wanted you to “Take off your pants and jacket.” The Donnas just want you to “Take It Off.” In fact the Donnas themselves have been around for a while. This, their third album, is actually the closest they have ever come to pop culture music. They, however, remind me of another all female rock band Vixen. For those who don’t remember, or are too young, Vixen was the best female act of the Hair Band era. For more help, remember the song “Edge of a Broken Heart?” that was Vixen. The Donnas are the same way. Just listen to the lyrics of their songs. All they want is to [censored]. Plain and simple, and they don’t hide that fact. I think these girls don’t get the credit they deserve. I believe they have a real future. I just hope they don’t go the way of Kittie. Hell, the Donnas are more fun than Pop Rocks. If you catch me.

Old School Pick: the Who “20th Century Masters”

There is not much that can be said about the Who, that hasn’t already been said. They arrived during the British Invasion and have been entertaining crowds ever since. This album simply takes ten of their greatest songs and puts them together in an attempt to show the raw energy and musical genius of one of the most evolved bands in rock history. With songs like “Who are You”, and “Pinball Wizard,” they show the mastery of Pete Townsend’s guitar and Keith Moon’s insane drum skills. They may not be the edgiest band out of England, but they were the most destructive. I mean, who else would go and blow up a perfectly good drum kit on the Ed Sullivan Show. Even Jim Morrison can’t say he did that. Since September 11th America has been looking for something, a cry of some kind to march us on. I think the Who already had it, they wrote it years ago. Simply stated, “We won’t get fooled again.”