JAN 29th Crossword

DOWN 1. Crazy 2. Satellite 4. Spike Lee joint “25th…” 5. “Grapes of Wrath” character Tom 6. Poet who wrote cantos and advocated fascism 7. Greek architectural order with two opposite volutes in the capitals 10. Most popular/cuddliest Mogwai 11. Vincente Fox president of 14. Student aid app. 16. 10 to the googleth power 18. “Rear Window” star or Northerner sports writer 19. Oregon distance legend started one of the first running programs for prison inmates 21. Island chain 23. Twinkie maker 27. Freudian unconscious part of psyche 28. Rene Zellweger’s first musical role is Roxie Hart in 30. Taoist philosopher Lao 31. Cincinnati hockey team

ACROSS 3. NKU volleyball coach 6. Italian violinist/composer 8. 1997 mock documentary of life in Xenia, OH 9. Empire States scaling King 12. Label for the unhip intelligent, originated in Dr. Seuss’s “If I Ran the Zoo” 13. Elasticized rubber cord 15. Knight Rider car 16. Japanese board game for two 17. France and Germany do not support this org.’s war plans 20. Spanish for man 22. Charleton Heston has been diagnosed with 24. three falls in a round of boxing 25. Larry, Curly, Moe 26. Jack Nicholson in Polanski’s detective picture 29. U.S. political prisoner and American Indian activist 31. Scottish pole tossed in contests 32. “Native Sun” author 33. Lewis Carroll heroine 34. 1960’s student civil rights org. 35. Cellular powerhouse 36. Sculptor of NKU’s controversial “Way Down East” 37. Rational part of the soul, cosmic mind 38. “To the Lighthouse” author 39. Waste material