Editors Only Article

I am writing an article on editors opinions on their publication’s website content for Editors Only. Could you take a few moments to answer the following questions? I would be happy to send you the publication when the article is printed (April 2002). Thank you for your time and opinion! 1. What type of content do you place on your website? 2. Do you include complete articles? … or just summaries? …archived articles that have appeared in print? … complete back issues? 3. What percentage of the site’s content comes from the print publication? …what percent is unique to the website? 4. Is your website aimed as a service to readers, or to promote subscriptions. If it has dual purpose, what’s the percentage of each? Circulation of your publication: Frequency (monthly, etc.): Typical issue size (pages): One sentence description of your publication? Thanks again! Denise Gable, Managing Editor Editors Only dvg@publishinghelp.com