reduced food-service at nku

I was just wondering if anyone there had written about or was considering writing about the newly reduced food service here at NKU; (i.e.=the “Movable Feasts” changing their hours, dropping hours, not being open during the entire finals week last semester, etc.) I wonder if this isn’t a situation that would be of interest/concern to every student her, as well as employees, faculty, etc. I think some investigation could and should be done into what could possibly be done so that these places serve the poulation here more, not less. I know I was personally very offput and inconvenienced greatly by the whole finals’ week thing. And I happen to get out of class 3 days at 3:00 p.m., just when there is no service. Sure, I could run over to bottom floor of the University center, but;: NO COFFEE! I know a lot of students and faculty alike must get the same low blood-sugar thing going on in the middle of the day, like I do; and there are few satisfactory solutions now. The whole thing really stinks, and thus I think it would make a great story, and maybe even have an impact. Thanks, Chris Biltz (Junior-full time student.)