1. Carbon dust in smoke 2. Diminutive potted shrub 5. Italian cheese 6. forerunner, herald 9. Hockey hair, a Billy Ray Cyrus cut 10. Palestinian leader 11. Campus TV station 12. Hall that houses NKU basketball 17. Dark, naturally sweet chinese tea 21. Bitter hallucinogenic liqueur 22. “Fountainhead” author 23. “Steppenwolf” author 25. “David” scultptor 26. Pro skater Tony 28. “Hard knock life” MC 29. Competitive performance poetry 30. Gandalf, Sir Ian


2. One stroke over par in golf 3. Yo Yo Ma instrument 4. Divide into three equal parts 7. Form of an element with same atomic number but different atomic weight 8. To generate pus 12. Vein in neck 14. NKU gay/straight alliance, Common 15. King Crimson’s “stunt guitarist” from Covington, collaborated with Nine Inch Nails, Zappa, Bowie 16. bravery 18. Lexington based printer manufacturer 19. Soft soy cheese 20. Beef + lots of seasoning, sandwich meat 22. “The Princess Bride” Dread Pirate 24. U.S. Director of Central Intelligence 27. Broadway hit based on John Waters film 31. “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” director 32. Nothing 33. Sodium Chloride 34. Large musical metallic disk 35. Death by being thrown out of a window